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From new professionals to experienced professionals.

New Professionals

New to the beauty industry? No problem,  work with a mentor Master Stylist and be available for the services you are qualified for as you move through our training program. Sweet, right? We think so too! Take your time, nurture your craft, and build more confidence behind the chair.

We love that you’ll still be building your own identity as a stylist, and your own clientele while learning and assisting.  It’s awesome! You will be supported and equipped to be the best version of yourself!

Experienced Professionals

There are various reasons experienced stylists have joined our team. Some of our very own stylists have joined us from other salons who haven’t provided the level of structure or education they desired. Or, they moved to the area and hoped to find a salon that embodied the values they were accustomed. We’ve had stylists who wanted their voice to be heard or their ideas to be shared.

If you’re someone who felt at the time that booth rental was a great next step, but really miss being around a team and being a part of something bigger than yourself, we understand! And we want to meet you. We cannot promise that we will be perfect or without blemish. But we can absolutely promise that we will care about you, we will stretch you, we will guide you, and we will be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

We are a deeply collaborative and communal environment!

What We Offer

A program to get you to 80k in 6 years and 100k in 8 years
Flexible schedule
All rewards are based on performance Commission or hourly, whichever is greater
Hourly starting at $12 plus tips
Tip out from each stylist you assist/shampoo
Retail commission
Paid vacation after 1 year
Free and half paid education
Marketing materials
Product at cost
Free hair services
Coaching and support
A deeply collaborative and communal environment

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